Ukraine Peace Negotiations

Here’s what Ukraine’s peace negotiation demands should be:

  1. Complete withdrawal of all Russian forces from the 1989 borders of Ukraine.
  2. “De-Nazification” of the Russian government: Jail or exile Vladimir Putin, first and foremost, as well as every military general or similarly ranked national security officer serving in or for the Ukraine operation.
  3. The installation of a transitional government to be named by Ukraine.
  4. Complete Russian demilitarization (we’re a good ways toward that goal already).
  5. Termination of all Russian contracts with mercenaries around the world including from Georgia and Syria.
  6. Full reparations for the rebuilding and healing of Ukraine, starting with an immediate $500 billion down payment with a payment schedule for whatever more is needed over the next decade (Russia has $630 billion of reserves in foreign currency and gold today).

In return, Ukraine will agree to stop kicking Russian ass, and the West shall begin a phased elimination of financial sanctions against Russia.

I think that sounds fair.

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