The Professional Me

After five years trading stock options from home, I am seeking to re-enter the workforce as a software engineering manager.

Prior to becoming a trader, I built a very deep and broad career in software engineering, at companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 multinational corporations. As the Chief Technology Officer of Virtumundo, a dot-com startup, I managed teams of software developers, graphic artists, IT professionals, and customer support representatives. I’ve also led several engineering teams at Medtronic, a large, well-known medical device manufacturer.

I am a certified Scrum master and have provided leadership and promotion of agile, test-driven product development in continuous integration environments.

 My resume is here, for those who might be trolling for someone with my skills, background, and, especially, someone who’s up to creating a team where everyone in and around it knows themselves as talented, highly effective, included, and appreciated.