Prague, The Beautiful

So let me tell you about Prague. A city of spires; beauty and architecture and history easily rivaling Paris; the heart of a country, long repressed, finally freed and now blossoming with enterprise, creativity, art, culture, invention, and a new vision for itself.

View from the Castle

You walk downtown along cobblestone streets more than a thousand years old and marvel at buildings created in all different architectural periods–this one’s Rococo, that Romantic, and, there! Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance. Elaborate, ornate stonework, soaring arches, stunning frescos, delightful balconies–each building has something about it that gives it a unique character amongst the others. And each has its history: Kafka lived in the upstairs apartment, or Mozart stayed in this one during the premier run of his Three-Penny Opera, or <insert name of famous person here> lived/died/had a baby/killed someone here in this building. Unbelievable.

Old Town Square, Prague

The countryside is beautiful, as well. Lush, green forests with all kinds of trees; fields both farmed and wild; pleasant, rolling hills, dotted here and there with a farmhouse, village, or castle. Other than in winter, the weather is usually warm and mild, both day and night, with occasional cool & rainy spells, just enough of them to remind us that it’s not Albuquerque or Boulder.

Great beer–absolutely world class. Good food. And on and on. I’ve found the Czech people to be generous, intelligent, and oozing with hospitality. And… well, you get the idea. I love the place. And Dio loves it, too.

We moved there in 1997, and stayed until 2001, about three and a half years. Can’t wait to go back and at least visit!